Job description Posted 18 October 2022

Principal Systems Engineer

Location: Malvern
Duration: 6 Months

The successful candidate will be DV Cleared or willing and eligible to undergo DV Clearance.

Overall Purpose of the Job:

Working in, or technically leading, project teams as a System Engineer with strong, business analysis, consultancy, Systems Thinking and requirements engineering skills, able to operate throughout a project's lifecycle to engage with complex stakeholder sets, scope and elicit their needs, engineer these into a structured, disciplined model of their requirements and support subsequent acquisition of a solution.


Key Accountabilities:

· Working flexibly either as part of a team or singly, delivering Customer-friend consultancy and business analysis to support internal and external customers in their planning and management of acquisition, research or product development activities.

· Reaching back to QinetiQ capabilities and innovating to support customer mission needs.

· Identifying, engaging and managing internal and external stakeholder communities.

· Understanding and analysing stakeholder needs and expectations to elicit, document and manage their requirements for a capability.

· Analysing customer requirements and translating them into logical system requirements and constraints

· Managing complex information sets.

· Supporting the procurement phase of projects.

· Supporting the V&V phase of projects.

· Collaborating with project teams as a solution develops to ensure its continuing compliance to requirements.

· Identification of, reporting back on, and developing additional customer business opportunities.


Successful outcomes of this role:

· Has successfully engaged and managed stakeholder communities.

· Is seen as part of the Customer’s team, a trusted Customer-Friend.

· Has successfully elicited, engineered and managed good quality stakeholder requirements.

· Has identified how QinetiQ’s wider capabilities can add value to the Customer and has developed solutions based on these.

· Able to produce good quality, customer-endorsed, system requirements.



· Applying the emotional intelligence and diplomacy necessary to work successfully with diverse stakeholder groups.

· Blending in to become part of the Customer’s team.

· Being flexible in approach, emphasising Systems Thinking, Systems Engineering, Programme Management, Change Management or general Consultancy as required to add best value to the customer.

· Identifying and delivering solutions to customers’ real, unstated needs as well as those directly expressed.

· Coping with the complexity of enterprise / technical problems.

· Differentiating problem definition from solution design.

· Rapidly assimilating information and gaining a good understanding of the problems and issues associated with new tasks.

· Working with multidisciplinary teams that may be drawn from across the organisation (and potentially more widely).

· Thriving in a varied, complex, and frequently changing work environment, often with demanding timescales.


Essential Education, Qualifications and Training:

· Degree or equivalent in a relevant engineering or technical discipline, or proven experience working in an equivalent engineering role.

· Intention to join/membership of appropriate professional body.


Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required:

· Knowledge of the UKIC & Defence domains within which we operate

· An ability to understand and analyse business need (Operational User / Mission Need) and articulate these as requirements. It would be beneficial (not essential) if this included evidence of having worked on or with operational analysts

· An ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders (often with conflicting or unsupportive views) to establish and validate this need, and provide supporting argument / evidence to business cases. Evidence of developing stakeholder support through influence would also be desirable

· Experience of translating business need into high level requirements and design, at the enterprise level, covering the range of elements that make up capabilities

· Ability to work with other Project/Systems Engineering and Subject Matter Experts to develop detailed designs and planning.

· Experience of planning for integration, verification and validation across UKIC or defence

· Experience of undertaking IV&V across either of these communities but ideally

· Experience of capability rollout (transfer to operations), generating business outcomes.

· Experience of undertaking the above using Agile (desirable) and ‘V’ (Essential) lifecycles.


Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required:

· Knowledge of the particular domains we operate within:

o Cryptography and Key Management

o Vulnerability Research (CN*)

o Cyber Defence

o Cyber Exercising

· Requirements Engineering experience

· Understanding of the difference between Stakeholder/User Requirements, System Requirements and Design Specifications

· Broad understanding of Government and industry standard Systems Engineering processes

· Good negotiation and presentation skills

· Proficiency in DOORS® use

· Understanding of Information Management principles

· Solid Systems Engineering knowledge

· Experience of supporting acquisition projects


Essential Personal Qualities and Behavioural Requirements:

· Natural systems thinker.

· Enjoys addressing unknowns.

· Has analytical and logical thinking skills.

· Self-motivated, with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

· Collaborative, ‘one team’ outlook.

· Has analytical and logical thinking skills.

· Able to work and produce consistent results with minimal supervision.

· Good questioning, listening, influencing and general interpersonal skills.

· Well-developed oral, written communication and presentation skills.

· Is able to communicate well, using stakeholder language.

· Can adapt and work flexibly

· Can work on several projects simultaneously

· Keeps abreast of new knowledge and developments in the field of Requirements Engineering


Desirable Criteria:

· Experience in the defence domain

· Understanding of architectures, including enterprise architecting

· Understanding of Information Management principles.

· Model Based Systems Engineering

· Architectural Framework (e.g., MODAF, TOGAF) experience

· Flexibility to travel as required to support project activities