Job description Posted 06 October 2022

Job Title: Group ER/HR Lead – Continuous Improvement HSBCJP00043575 -

Location: Remote / Hybrid 

Pay Rate: £440 Per Day Via PAYE / Umbrella is available

Position: 1

Duration: Until Sept 2023


Role Purpose:


The role will support the Global Employee Relations team to deliver a fair, consistent and transparent approach to people but one that also helps to drive performance and success for the HSBC Group. 


This role reports directly to the Group Head of Investigations Transformation and will support the Group ER team to deliver the Continuous Improvement workstream, implementing and embedding enhanced global investigation standards. The role holder will need to stay well connected with the wider ER team to ensure enhancements are relevant; teams are engaged and feel empowered to influence change. The role holder will contribute to the wider ER agenda, and as the investigation SME will work alongside, Project and Change Managers supporting the transformation of the ER service, as part of the ER TOM; OD and audit remediation programmes of work.


A key requirement of the role will include partnering with other investigatory teams and global functions, including Legal (including GIRE) and Financial Crime Investigations, Regulatory Compliance, Whistleblowing Oversight Team and HR Advisory ensuring that investigatory best practice is shared and aligned where possible. The role holder will act as the key HR contributor for redesign and build of the Quality Assurance model for ER Investigations. The role holder will take audit identified issues, function requirements and system capability in order to propose and embed a improved process, which stands up to scrutiny.


Tasks and responsibilities of the role may include the following:


  • Work with the Head of Investigation Transformation to remediate audit identified issues, including the reassessment and redesign of the Quality Assurance model and standing up of a Quality Assurance function.
  • Act as an Investigation SME as part of the redesign of the ER investigation service, working with the OD and ER TOM representatives
  • Support the adoption of a test and trial investigation service, with a fungibile pool of investigators dedicated to ER investigations
  • Lead initiatives identified as continuous improvement activity across ER Investigations including but not limited to e.g. actioning global standards for ways of working obtained via regional questionnaires, including use of AI and note taking, business led investigations and the investigation landscape
  • Contribute to the activities derived from the Investigation Council, in particular where those relate to enhancements to the existing ER investigation service
  • Work with the wider Group ER team, increase the capability of investigators, including the design and delivery of an investigation academy and accreditation. 
  • Where relevant lead on the remediation of existing MSIIs/MAPs, liaising with the Group Lead Governance Procedures on identification of potential further MSIIs for raising
  • Identify areas for further continuous improvement across ER investigations
  • Promote the Investigation Framework and toolkit and consider standardisation and simplification with the introduction of any new global standards



Major Challenges


  • Strong ability to adapt work style and priorities to meet complex and varied workloads
  • Maintain knowledge of ER Investigations and Conduct practices, and relationships to processes outside HR
  • Strong ability to think independently, being mindful of maintaining an appropriate balance between management and mitigation of risk and business efficacy
  • Strong ability to adapt communication style and content to appropriately address one’s audience and to distil and communicate complex ideas in an understandable manner assisting the stakeholder to make difficult decisions
  • Strong ability to work across cultures and improve capability in conduct and investigation management.


Role Context


HSBC is an extremely diverse business which is constantly expanding both geographically and into new areas of business. HSBC recognizes the increasingly regulated and complex global environment, and also strives to apply an equitable approach to its employees. 


Management of Risk

The role holder will suitably carry out their responsibilities in relation to all people risk management, specifically by operating and monitoring controls, raising self-identified issues and completing any self-assessments in an appropriate manner. The role holder will support risk management within the conduct and concerns space.