Job description Posted 01 August 2022

Project Manager


£525 PAYE / £681.62 Umbrella per day

6 Month Contract


Our client HSBC are currently seeking an experienced Project Manager to join their team in the Sheffield office/remote working, this contract will be for 6 months with a review to be extended.


Summary of Programme / Project:

The Compliance Strategic Plan articulates the ambition to set industry leading standards for Compliance risk management with the use of advanced capabilities providing more targeted and real time advice and insights. For Financial Crime risks, delivered through the Intelligence Led Financial Crime Risk Management (ILFCRM) Programme. The technology platform that underpins ILFCRM, the Dynamic Risk Assessment ultimately aims to serve as the primary Financial Crime Detection tool for the group.

The Programme is working towards live dates for a number of countries towards the end of 2022:

-             Go Live in Mexico (for WPB and CMB)

-             Go Live in Singapore (for WPB and CMB)

-             Start Operational Readiness Testing in Hong Kong (stretch target)

-             Start Operational Readiness Testing in US (stretch target)

 Starting initiation activity to expand to further markets in 2023.


Notes of requirements:

•            Respond to multiple requirements, competing priorities and critical work demands with flexibility and resilience – ability to priorities and pushing the right pieces of work at the right time to maintain progress

•            Serve as an advocate for collaboration, facilitating multi-team and cross-functional working for current and long-term benefit - Regularly support workshops across the team to pull together work streams and initiatives

•            Challenge business intent in a constructive manner to accurately define requirements and design detailed business solution and structures - More than comfortable to challenge brief and suggest better approaches

•            Ensure correct level of communication is produced - be it high quality information packs, logs or written/verbal comms.

•            Collaborates with stakeholders to extract strategic information from management reports and use that information to derive business benefits - Happily works with our stakeholders to collate information needed for SteerCo / Governance Forums

•            Ensures that processes are in place to identify best practice ways of working and embed them into the delivery of current and future change requirements - Have worked to lock down processes and governance required to help add much needed structure to the Programme



•            Putting time and effort into growing a network of stakeholder relationships to facilitate getting things done quickly and effectively

•            Building, maintaining and strengthening mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships with internal and external stakeholders

•            Engaging stakeholders through effective communication, communicating complex and technical information in a meaningful and compelling way

•            Leveraging stakeholder relationships to ensure that synergies between people and groups are recognised and harnessed               Level Headings

•            Grasp complex and incomplete information to make timely decisions

•            Identify and progress innovative solutions for working smarter or enhancing products and/or services

•            Proactively apply change management approaches and techniques



•            Focuses on their customers/stakeholders/colleagues, to understand, respond to and anticipate their changing needs and priorities

•            Demonstrates inclusive behaviour, valuing diversity and recognising the importance of looking after the well-being of ourselves, our customers/stakeholders/colleagues

•            Communicates openly and honestly and conveys information in simple and understandable ways to build trusting relationships

•            Works collaboratively within and across boundaries of all kinds in the interests of customer service and operational effectiveness              Level Headings

•            Champion the right thing to do for customers/stakeholders/colleagues

•            Demonstrate a personal commitment to diversity, inclusion and well-being in everyday actions

•            Interpret spoken and unspoken signals to create a deeper understanding and engagement with others

•            Proactively manage a broad and diverse network of collaborative relationships



•            Embedding HSBC values and good conduct in everyday actions and behaviours to consistently do the right thing

•            Adhering to legal, regulatory and internal compliance requirements in all aspects of work

•            Taking responsibility for anticipating and mitigating the risks associated with own work and the work of others

•            Acting with courageous integrity by standing firm for what is right, raising concerns about wrongdoings, and encouraging others to do the same            Level Headings

•            Act as a role model, consistently demonstrating and emphasising the need to ‘do the right thing’ without exception

•            Take responsibility for ensuring others know about and comply with relevant legal, regulatory and internal policies, processes and controls

•            Embed risk management frameworks, policies, techniques and processes, acting promptly and effectively when required

•            Champion and value the importance of speaking up in the workplace



Understanding the need to change and helping to make it happen

Communicating the purpose, value and requirements of change in meaningful ways to build understanding and commitment in others 

Planning and managing the activities needed to adopt, embed and sustain the changes required successfully

Helping others deal with the impact and effects of change in ways which facilitate acceptance and overcome resistance   

•            Ensure that you provide the time and space for people to understand change messages

•            Plan and manage the activities needed to implement change successfully 

•            Support people through the process of change to ensure they fully embrace the new environment

•            Take action to identify and appropriately deal with any potential blockers to change in order to reduce the risk of not delivering



Building and managing budgets and financial plans

Understanding, analysing, interpreting and working with financial data and variance reporting

Optimising budgets to create financial benefits

Controlling the budget and managing variance  

•            Build accurate budgets, financial plans and forecasts for your business area

•            Analyse and interpret financial information carefully and consistently 

•            Plan ahead and deploy finances/resources appropriately to ensure best value

•            Proactively identify factors that may lead to budget variances, and monitor these



Understanding, designing and planning the activities needed to implement change rapidly and successfully delivering desired business outcomes and benefits

Applying a range of timely and effective strategies for articulating impact, and building understanding and commitment to the change in all stakeholder groups

Managing the execution of integrated change and implementation activities to facilitate transition to the new arrangements, whilst minimising business disruption or execution risk

Leading the adoption, embedding and sustaining of the change in a manner which overcomes barriers, embeds new ways of working and delivers the desired benefits             

•            Take responsibility for defining and planning the end-to-end approach needed to deliver a change successfully

•            Use advanced change management approaches and techniques for gaining commitment to change initiatives

•            Manage and coordinate the successful execution of change implementation plans

•            Follow through change implementation effectively to ensure it is properly adopted and embedded



Understanding and applying appropriate project management delivery methodologies and disciplines to ensure projects and programmes are managed and controlled

Planning and tracking the activities and resources needed to deliver the outcomes and benefits required by the project and programme

Identifying and managing the risks and issues that could jeopardise the success of the project and programme

Engage, manage relationships and communicate with stakeholders to take account of their needs and influences      

•            Establish, communicate and implement appropriate project governance arrangements to manage and control projects properly 

•            Define, plan and manage the entire scope of work and all the resources needed to deliver projects on time, cost and quality

•            Proactively identify, evaluate, mitigate and monitor project risks and issues as they arise

•            Build and execute stakeholder and communication plans to ensure the right people are informed and involved



•            Identifying and defining problems that impact on your work or the wider business

•            Delivering structure and discipline to an unstructured problem

•            Using both logic and creative thinking to devise solutions

•            Implementing solutions and anticipating their impact     

•            Employ an improvement mindset to identify and define issues or problems that are less obvious; participate actively and constructively in brainstorming meetings where problems are discussed and resolved

•            Bring structure and order to undefined problems and/or large scale problems, making them easier to address and solve

•            Use systemic thinking and creativity in devising solution options

•            Evaluate relative costs, benefits and obstacles of potential solutions



Working as part of a global function to contribute to the Group’s global strategy

Connecting with global teams and strategies to deliver enhanced opportunities and services for the business

Understanding and embracing our global culture and communications

Understanding the significant and meaningful cultural and market differences and similarities in our day to day operations

              Key Components

•            Relationship building/management and networking

•            Collaboration and team working

•            Diversity and inclusion

•            Communicating and influencing

•            Working across organisational boundaries

•            Results focus/goal orientation

•            Strategic and analytical thinking

•            Change management

•            Manages small-scale programmes effectively as part of a global function, aligning personal and team efforts to the Group’s global strategic goals and supporting global thinking and ways of working

•            Builds cross-team, cross-geography networks to leverage best practice

•            Promotes and recognises cross-cultural working and communication within team

•            Manages cultural differences and promotes global collaboration to achieve common goals



Prioritising your work and that of others effectively to ensure strategic goals and immediate business opportunities can be maximised

Understanding the priorities and value that drive the need for delivery and removing obstacles or roadblocks; planning and preparing to ensure resources are used efficiently and effectively

Working with a sense of urgency ensuring the Group remains agile

Managing and understanding your capacity and that of your team(s)      

Key Components

•            Drive for excellence

•            Results focus/goal orientation

•            Planning, prioritising and problem solving

•            Tenacity and persistence

•            Positive mind-set

•            Risk and issue management

•            Collaboration

•            Manages the pace - actively moves team / programme along the delivery journey with pace and enthusiasm

•            Anticipates issues and risks and acts to mitigate these quickly; handles any unforeseen roadblocks swiftly and effectively

•            Navigates different modes of thinking with ease, tailoring their approach to the situation/stakeholder

•            Promotes pace and energy within the team and leads by example



Defining project/programme/ portfolio governance and metrics and aligning them with the business case and wider objectives

Analysing, interpreting and tracking management information related to projects, programmes and portfolios

Gathering and understanding management information and reporting to the right stakeholders

Managing quality within programme delivery

Managing and contributing to programme or portfolio governance forums and processes, ensuring effective decisions are made    

Key Components

•            Management Controls

•            Organisational Governance

•            Problem Analysis and Resolution

•            Data Interpretation & Presentation

•            Stakeholder Management

•            Influencing

•            Quality

•            Uses root cause analysis to identify and recommend corrective measures, ensuring programme status and high priority issues are communicated to stakeholders

•            Understands management information and derives insights from it to drive business decisions once shared with right stakeholders

•            Maintains focus on quality and supports team to achieve agreed business delivery outcomes

•            Manages critical governance processes (i.e. steering, sponsor, toll gates, quality assurance)


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