Job description Posted 08 March 2019

Job Purpose

To establish clarity of the end-to-end supply chain requirements related to serialisation and produce the required Business Requirements and assocated Business Process Documents that detail the packaging and sitribution supply chain processes introduced due to Serialisation.

Key Responsibilities

• To translate the broad descriptions of business requirements into detailed business processes for the site and above site supply chain (R)

• Identify issues arising from the proposed specification for each applicable market (A)

Issue Resolution

• Agree accountability for issues resolution that impact Serialisation business processes, bringing in the appropriate stakeholders (A)

• Facilitate the process of issue resolution with the appropriate stakeholders (R)

• Ensure that issues are resolved (R)

• Document the solutions to issues (A)

Standards and Compliance

• Identify the appropriate standards to apply to the work, interpret the standards for the issues and situations at hand. (R)

• Ensure that solutions to issues are compliant with standards (A)

• Ensure that standards are applied with the appropriate interpretation (A)

• Work in compliance with internal GSK project management and system standards (R)

• Ensure that solutions meets the business use are consistent with programme principles and constraints (A)

Deviations from Standards

• Ensure that any deviations from quality and programme standards are identified (A)

• Accurately document all agreed deviations from standard and communicate the content to affected people (R)

Impact Assessment

• Identify any impact on business processes (R)

• Support identification of impacts on existing IT systems (S)

• Collect and collate input from appropriate stakeholders (R)


• Input into the work stream plan and schedule of activities in accordance with the specific programme deadlines (R)

• Report progress on achievement versus the plan and schedule to affected stakeholders (R)

Risk Management

• Identify risks to the programme arising from own work in a timely manner (R)

• Ensure these risk are entered in the programme risk log (A)

• Report to appropriate people on the risk identified with a supporting rationale and assessment of impact and likelihood (R)

Additional information about the process

All profiles will be reviewed against the required skills and experience. Due to the high number of applications, we will only be able to respond to successful applicants in the first instance. We thank you for your interest and the time taken to apply.