Job description Posted 08 March 2019

Business Analyst

This role exists to assist with deployment of serialisation solutions in the end to end supply chain with focus on:

a) Establishing clarity of the end to end supply chain business processes and producing business requirements documentation for deployment processes

b) Ensuring that deployment of the standard solutions for serialisation are successfully integrated into the site and market business operations and processes

c) Enabling change and knowledge transfer of the serialisation processes from core team to sites and collaborative learning between the sites as deployment progresses

Key Responsibilities

1. Business processes documentation and deployment process

• To identify and understand the end to end business processes and identify where serialisation impact and/or alignment is required

• Develop business process understanding into general and detailed business requirements

• Identify issues and risks arising from the proposed requirements

• Identify and recommend the appropriate standard that applies to the business process and interpret the standards for the issues and situations at hand.

• Ensure that solutions to requirements are meeting business requirements and compliant with standards

• Work in compliance with internal GSK project management and system standards

• Collect and collate input from appropriate stakeholders

• Supports the sites and markets in understanding the serialisation systems and processes and their interfaces with business processes and systems

• Works with the site and market team to identify any Local Standard Operating Procedures(LSOPs) to be amended, agreed and signed off by the relevant approvers

• Works with sites and markets to ensure that users are certified in the use of the relevant business processes and LSOPs for serialization

2. Integration of serialisation solution into site and market business operations and processes

• In conjunction with the Site or Market Implementation Lead, ensures sites or markets are ready and prepared for changes to equipment, IT and work processes as a result of serialisation

• Works in alignment with the programme Deployment Project Manager

• Works with site and market staff to identify all local stakeholders who will be impacted by serialisation deployment

• Works with site and market staff to ensure that they understand the impact of serialization deployment on their resources and business processes

• Collect and collate input from appropriate stakeholders on the specific impacts of installation on site and market operations

• Transfer knowledge and information from the impact of change assessment to the appropriate people to take action to respond to the specific impacts at a site, market and programme level .

• Ensures learning from each site’s implementation is shared across the impacted network through formal plans and informally through communities of practice

• Ensures that each site in scope creates and implements a training plan and implements the plan in alignment with the site deployment of serialization, including provision on advice on standards for training and competence

• Provides support to the sites and markets in carrying out the training required

• Monitors the quality and quantity aspects of training, and rectifies / reports/escalates any concerns and gaps according to their impact and severity

• Works with the sites to create a business change management /readiness plan for deployment which is built into the deployment plan managed by the Deployment PM

• Produces a plan and schedule of own work activities in accordance with the specific programme deadlines

• Identifies issues and risks arising from the proposed deployment or which put deployment at risk

• Supports the sites in reviewing change readiness plans and making go / no go decisions

• Report progress on achievement versus personal and site plans and schedules to affected stakeholders

3. Promotes and works towards continuous improvement

• Promotes measures of effectiveness for serialisation deployment

• Provides input to the performance of these measures and sets, including actions for improving these measures

• Facilitates knowledge sharing and improvement

• Measures and improves transition effectiveness of deployment

4. Provides input to standardisation and knowledge sharing

• Facilitates Impact of Change and other forums for knowledge sharing and introducing standardisation

• Provides input to customer and super-user focus groups to enable knowledge sharing and encourage standardisation and continuous improvement

• Responsible to ensure learnings and improvements are translated back to business processes and requirements etc…

5. Complexity

• Role responsible for identifying, understanding and deployment business processes needed in the areas of process, data, engineering and business standards relevant to all GMS sites across Rx, and Cx (where Cx and OTC is implicated in local legislation) as well as across all regions and markets globally including Contract Manufacturing Organisations.

• Role responsible for enabling change and knowledge transfer of the serialization processes for a number of sites working in collaboration with the deployment Project Managers and pack change managers

• Role directly reports to the Serialisation Global Business Process Owner

• Role routinely interacts with multiple stakeholders across GMS including functional groups such as Move Product, PASS, PSS, CSI etc…

• Role must establish and maintain a strong network across Subject Matter Experts across all parts of GMS and GSK

6. Specialised Knowledge:

• Demonstrated experience in end to end supply chain processes in particular in logistics, supply chain, manufacturing engineering and business

• Knowledge of ADP and/or Lean SixSigma, experience of application

Additional information about the process

All profiles will be reviewed against the required skills and experience. Due to the high number of applications, we will only be able to respond to successful applicants in the first instance. We thank you for your interest and the time taken to apply.