Job description Posted 18 February 2019

Background Information

In 2009, GSK embarked on a business transformation programme, to simplify and standardise our business processes, system landscape and operating model. At the core of the programme is the implementation of a single instance SAP system. The global ERP programme is made up of two streams: The Enterprise Value Optimistion (EVO) Programme, which focuses on the commercial business and Manufacturing ERP Programme (MERP) focusing on the supply chain, including our manufacturing sites.

The EVO template is now live in 200 markets with over 80,000 end users so far, with the total number expected to be 100,000+.

From 2015, a stream of project iniatives has run in parallel with the global ERP deployment – delivering improvements and transformational change to live and in-flight markets.

Examples include a Buying Goods and Services improvement programme, introducing new mobilie mobile apps and better user interfaces; transforming our Finance processes to ensure a faster, better close; and a series of projects to further align the business to GSK’s committment to make it easier for our employees to do their day to day activities. The EVO program will continue this focus and enhance/build on the exiting sytem to make it easier for our employees to do their role and add value that will ultimately help our customers do more, feel better and live longer.

Change Management expertise is required to support the successful deployment of these global projects, to ensure minimal impact to employees upon Go Live, and to ensure appropriate business readiness and adoption of solutions. This role is part of the Business Readiness and Capabiltiy team (BRC) team, which is made up of three workstreams: change management; communications and training.

Job Purpose

The role of the Project Change Manager is to execute the required change activity to successfully deliver and deploy the specific project within chosen markets. The Project Change Manager supports the Deployment Manager and project team to ensure business leaders are regularly engaged and the change network and impacted employees are ready, willing and able to adopt and comply with the new system, processes and organisational structures.

The role requires close interaction with the impacted business stakeholders, project delivery team, process owners, and wider BRC team. This role is required to be based in GSK House (Brentford, London) with no or very limited travel.

Key Responsibilities

  • Describe the key deliverables to be achieved by the post holder and the ongoing responsibilities of the role
  • Responsible for ensuring that the centrally defined BRC approach and tools are applied appropriately across the project and/or are modified as appropriate in agreement with the Change Team Lead
  • Responsible for detailed planning (Level 1, 2 and 3 plans or work with an Agile team pending on project approach) and deliver change activities; reporting progress against plan and managing risks and issues, and integrating (where appropriate) transformation programmes. This includes:
  • managing a complex stakeholder landscape, where stakholders are engaged effectively to enure understanding, buy in and a smooth path for project delivery; engagement requirements may also include third party vendors, offshore business services centres.
  • identifying, mobilising and managing the change network; creating and executing a change impact assessment and change action plan to ensure change is successfully mitigated
  • executing business readiness activities to measure whether impacted employees are ready for the change
  • where appropriate, working with the relevant HR Lead to ensure that all HR deliverables and interdependencies are understood
  • enabling business to adopt and embed changes delivered
  • feedback lessons learned to the core BRC team to ensure continuous improvement of BRC activites

Alignment with Core Communications Manager (where one is assigned to the project):

  • develop and execute stakeholder maps and engagement plans
  • develop end user communication plans
  • develop and deploy communication campaigns

Coordinating with the aligned Core Training Lead in:

  • producing a TNA and Training Schedule
  • scoping and overseeing the production of localisation and / or translation of training materials (if required)
  • planning and executing the delivery of Train the Trainer (if required)
  • ensuring pre Go Live training targets are met prior to Go Live and the remainder post Go Live, to up skill end users and ensure access to the system
  • aligning the project training requirements with all other training initiatives

Additional information about the process

All profiles will be reviewed against the required skills and experience. Due to the high number of applications, we will only be able to respond to successful applicants in the first instance. We thank you for your interest and the time taken to apply.