Job description Posted 12 September 2022

UX Digital Product Designer

Until End March 2023


£512.27pd via approved UMB

£390.74pd PAYE

We are looking for 2 Digital Product Designers, to join the team in Brentford. This exciting opportunity will be until March 2023.

GSK are creating a design thinking capability as a service to solve real business problems, for real users at pace and make GSK a great place to work.


As part of this we need digital product design capability that would conceptualise, design and prototype innovative screen-based digital experiences that effectively bring to life the values of a brand. Communicate solutions through narratives, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes and videos.

Help plan and execute user and usability tests to validate and refine the ideal solution.


•Facilitate the identification of user, brand, business and technical drivers to define digital product experience requirements.

•Envision multiple digital experience concepts through low-fidelity interactive prototypes and user interface explorations.

•Identify key screen types across devices (e.g., desktop, mobile, connected devices) and generate detailed wireframes, task flows and user interface solutions.

•Prototype digital experiences at different levels of increasing fidelity across the entire product design process (e.g., paper, Mural/Figma/InVision prototypes –business program of choice).

•Effectively and compellingly present digital product concepts and their guiding experience principles.

•Maintain and evolve design systems to guide the evolution of a digital product across its entire lifecycle.

•Closely collaborate with product owners and agile development teams to ensure alignment to design intent throughout implementation and deployment.

•Be the voice of the customer / user throughout the detailed design process.

•Plan, oversee and finalize all detailed digital product design deliverables (e.g., information and interaction models, wireframes, user interface and interactive prototypes, visual design systems, digital product specifications etc.).

Skills Required:

  • Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Testing, Software Design & Solutions, User Experience (UX) Design, User Research (UX), Workshop Facilitation.

If you feel you would be suitable, for the role of Digital Product Designer then please send in your CV