Job description Posted 12 September 2022

Role - Design Researcher

Location – London / Onsite 3 days a week

Duration 6 Months

Role Overview:

Understand human needs at a very deep level through a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques to achieve the goal of developing actionable insight that informs strategy and design for our clients. Design Researchers work collaboratively with other capabilities in order to shape our solutions for value and relevance to the end user/ consumer/human.


· Define, structure, and conduct primary research, applying a range of qual/quant methods which may include but are not limited to: ethnographic research, self-documentation, user testing, quantitative survey methods

· Conduct research to explore and evaluate desired experiences, analyze research data, present findings in immersive and compelling ways, and make prioritized design recommendations based on actionable insights

· Clearly and compellingly communicate research findings with a strategic voice, with prioritized recommendations and potential design solutions to developers, designers, and project sponsors through visually compelling presentations and documents.

· Connect insights to design and collaborate with teammates to create digital tools and strategies

· As part of multi-disciplinary teams, structure human-centered research and lead the internal and partner teams through fieldwork, and “sensemaking:” analysis of findings and insight development

· As an output to research, develop human insights frameworks that show how experience is/should be/could be organized for the human we are designing

· As we progress to UX and prototyping, be the voice of the human throughout the design process and ensure research and insights are applied and interpreted appropriately

Skills needed:

·  Design Research Tools and Techniques

·  Qualitative Research (Exploratory, Generative, Evaluative)

·  Human Centered Design

·  Quantitative Research

·  Ethnographic Research

·  UX Research

·  Analysis & Synthesis

·  Sensemaking and Framework Development

·  Storytelling


If you feel you have the relevant experience and skills required, please do not hesitate to apply now!