Job description Posted 12 September 2022

Service Designer

Envision innovative multi touch-point service experience ecosystems that include people, physical & digital products, and places. Employ a human-centered design process to identify user needs and mindsets. Interpret & synthesize human insights and balance them against strategic business, technical and brand inputs. Map existing customer and experience journeys. Define new service blueprints that encompass all user and business processes across all phases of the customer journey and its various touchpoints. Communicate solutions through narratives, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes and videos.


Lead the multi-discipline team in a human-centered design process for both Discovery or Delivery projects

Drive a human-centered design process across all project phases, from framing innovative service opportunities to coordinating service delivery implementation.

Uncover human needs through research, develop deep insights, generate business, product & service concepts and envision how people will interact with them.

Plan, design, facilitate and synthesize co-creation workshops (e.g., service ideation sessions, customer journey mapping etc.)

Prioritize business, product & service concepts or development backlogs using appropriate strategic frameworks and articulate recommendations and roadmaps.

Make business, product & service concepts tangible and compelling through visual narratives, protypes and videos.

Collaborate with product design and development teams to ensure alignment to design intent through implementation and deployment.

Help plan and execute user tests and use data collected to strategically guide the evolution of services and their touchpoints.

Be the voice of the customer / user throughout the concept design process.

Plan, oversee and finalize all Service Design deliverables (e.g., Customer Personas & Mindsets, Service Blueprints, Customer Journey Maps etc.).

Effectively and compellingly present research insights, service and product concepts & strategies.

Skills: Service Design, System Design, Design Strategy, Design Research, User Experience Design, Workshop Facilitation, Storytelling, Leadership, Stakeholder Relationship Building and Management, Program & Project Management