Job description Posted 17 August 2022

Hygiene Operative


3 Months (Extension Likely Available)

£21p/h PAYE

Role Brief:

·      To provide effective practical support to ensure the efficient operation of the animal research facilities.  

·      Clean and sterilise animal cages and associated equipment.

·      Assist with the supplies of animal facility stores. Maintain high levels of hygiene and housekeeping.

·      Work in compliance to the GSK standards as detailed in the Standard Operating Procedures/Local Rules.

·      Where appropriate, to provide efficient technical, husbandry and welfare support for in-vivo studies.

·      Ensure standards of animal health and welfare meet or exceed those required by regulatory or accrediting bodies, e.g. UK Home Office, AAALAC-I, and by GSK.

·      Matrix working with other technical staff to deliver a high quality and impactful in-vivo facility operation.

·      Full training will be provided to support development into the role


Key Responsibilities

·      Acquire/ maintain an understanding of the equipment involved in Hygiene Support and associated areas.

·      Operate, calibrate and routinely service various items of equipment. Maintain the equipment records to the appropriate standard.

·      Collect/ receive used caging; be responsible for the relevant elements of the accounting for animal’s policy. 

·      Clean and disinfect/ sterilise animal cages, water bottles and associated items making full use of equipment provided e.g. Autoclaves, Rack Washer, VHP, Automated washing systems, Bottle washer.

·      Prepare cages for animals.

·      Clean and disinfect/ sterilise, cagewash areas, and other associated areas to the required standard.

·      Maintain the integrity of the 'barriered' animal accommodation by dealing with the entry of equipment and consumables - performing cleaning / disinfection / sterilisation tasks where necessary.

·      Receive animals; ensure correct procedures are followed.

·      Monitor stock levels of consumables, order consumables.

·      Receive equipment and consumables, unload delivery vehicles.  Operate forklift trucks if certified competent to do so. Drive company vehicles where appropriate.

·      Liaise with engineers with respect to the service and repair of various items of equipment.

·      Perform routine efficiency checks and routine sampling of water supplies according to the appropriate SOPs.

·      Develop your knowledge and expertise in the work of the facility to become more independent of supervision and to accept more responsibility.

·      Assist, on occasions, with the training of new members of staff. Develop skills required to accurately assess the trainee’s level of competency.

·      Carry out other non-routine duties as requested by management

·      Record environmental conditions within hygiene support areas (where this is not done via electronic management system)

·      Responsible for daily provision of high standards of animal care, welfare and husbandry.  

·      Understand the standards of housing, care and welfare required by the Home Office and other regulatory/accrediting bodies, and by GSK, and apply them. 

·      Apply appropriate levels of checks and examinations to adequately assess animal health and welfare and act on findings by applying corrective measures and reporting to responsible individuals e.g. NVS, NACWO, Licensees.

·      Maintain an up to date knowledge of the physical and behavioural requirements of species in your care, and apply it, pro-actively seeking improvements and contributing to refinement in care and welfare.