Job description Posted 20 July 2022

Job title: DevOps engineer

Location: Stevenage

LOA: End of the year

Pay Rate: £764 Per Day / Via Umbrella / Inside IR35

GSK is looking for: 

  • CWs - 3-year project(s), initially for 12-months engagement till EOY 2022

Work area: 

  • Tech

Job profile: 

  • DevOps Engineer

Employee's location: 

  • UK/Poland – 100% remote possible, with potential to extend to other European countries

Technologies and platforms: 

  • IT Infrastructure: 
  • Public cloud
  • Azure 
  • (nice to have) Google Cloud Platform
  • Containers: 
  • Kubernetes clusters including managed Kubernetes (AKS or GKE)
  • Helm
  • Docker-compose
  • (nice to have) Open Policy Agent
  • (nice to have) Networking Envoy, Kong, Cilium
  • Infrastructure as Code: 
  • Terraform 
  • Automation and other tools: 
  • CI - Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions or similar (e.g. Jenkins, CircleCI)
  • CD – GitOps with ArgoCD or Flux
  • Prometheus/Grafana configuration
  • GitHub, JIRA & Confluence (or similar)
  • Scripting with Python and Bash
  • (nice to have) Go or Rust experience
  • (nice to have) Security tools – SAST, DAST, Dependency Scanning

Ideal candidate's profile:

  • Regular & Senior - 3+ years of experience
  • Able to work autonomously for most of the day, creating solutions (code) that are part of a larger project
  • Able to not only follow proposed design but also to present options, optimize and improve
  • Self-learner eager to do deep dives into unknown areas of technology
  • Able to document his work pre and post implementation, create high level diagrams

Project description, typical tasks and duties:

  • Projects and deliverables:
  • Provisioning of clusters using pre-defined Terraform modules from Infrastructure team
  • Code to deploy and operate a service to build and publish Helm Charts and container images
  • Configuring CI and CD environments, and creating workflows to build, test, deliver, and deploy artifacts
  • Write code (e.g. Terraform, Python or Shell) to deliver modern IT infrastructure (cloud based) using Infrastructure as Code principles - mostly Kubernetes clusters + some PaaS services 
  • Design, implement, and maintain the operational components to leverage modern container infrastructure running Kubernetes
  • Creating helm chart release definitions for services to be deployed
  • Write code to integrate solutions into seamless workflows - CI/CD and (potentially) some workflow systems/solutions
  • Work with software developers to fine-tune and improve the infrastructure and tools used to build it
  • Improve local developer experience with local container provisioning definitions
  • Proactively look for ways and solutions to improve effectiveness of your own work
  • Deliver solutions with integrated "safety switches" to reduce human error factor, provide traceability, roll back capabilities and reduce IT security risk (shift left security)
  • Tasks assignment and tracking - JIRA
  • Write documentation in Atlassian Confluence - we need to document our work to submit it for approval and to be able to turn our deliverables into "live" systems. 
  • No on-call duties, no work on tickets, no weekend work