Job description Posted 02 December 2021

UX Researcher

Initial contract until July 2022

Pay rate up to £419 per day via Umbrella

Job Purpose

We are a science-led global healthcare company with a particular purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. Our goal is to be one of the world’s most innovative, best performing, and trusted healthcare companies. The Pharma division is a critical part of that portfolio.


As a UX Researcher (contract), you will be part of the User Experience and Design team working within the Pharma Technology group (Pharma Tech), specifically in the Commercial Channels, and Technology division.

You will help define and create positive customer experiences through UX research and product discovery methods, and deliverables for our colleagues, brands, markets, and their digital products based on customer feedback.


You also will be a research mentor and a facilitator of user research methods, encouraging our teams to learn and understand how to run product discovery within a lens of UX research. 


Key Responsibilities


You will work closely with Product, UX, design and engineering colleagues who are remote across the world, to help steer and define our digital product development for a healthcare audience across 100 markets. External HCPs (health care professionals) Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists and internal Sales reps are the core customer definition groups.

Job requirements overview

  • Be comfortable with user research and research techniques across both qualitative and quantitative disciplines.
  • Research and evaluate current product streams, new design prototypes, and facilitate user testing and subsequent learnings; with a customer focus. 
  • Create UX research deliverables by analysing customer behaviour and help form data-driven insights to share with the wider group to create better experiences.
  • Set up, run and manage usability tests both remotely moderated and remote unmoderated.
  • Manage customer 1:1, and customer focus groups, creating user feedback loops, to help define the ‘Voice of the Customer’ from a qualitative point of view.
  • Be the champion for user (design) research within a digital environment. 
  • Help develop innovative, user focused UX concepts (prototypes and design) for digital development based on research practices.
  • Lead or help lead workshops, with a research lens demonstrating the need for user research 
  • Help define success measurement, through research techniques
  • Coach others within the group UX research methodologies; inclusive of where that meets Design Thinking / Product Discovery principles.


  • You will help identify UX ‘user’ strategy and design focus by researching and analysing user needs, customer goals, business objectives, and study how our users consume/interact with our products and content and help define better experiences based on that research. 
  • You will organise user feedback and analysis by translating user behaviour and feedback into research documentation; personas, empathy maps, mental models, interview feedback, surveys, field studies, diary studies, card sort analysis, and more. Creating understanding around the ‘why’
  • You will plan and execute usability tests and feedback, and work alongside a lean UX team, understanding the audience and help create great experiences based on their pains/gains.
  • You will steer post launch feedback loops; and share with the wider ‘Pharma’ group to enable product definition, iteration, and also future product development.
  • You will work across a series of key Product teams.

Problem-solving and making informed decisions

  • Make informed decisions backed up by using insight from research, data and analytics.
  • Work with product and UX team members to gather, use and share research, to discover and understand the needs of our users/customers.
  • Work with data analysts to understand where peaks and troughs of user engagement and journeys happen to inform improvements to the product/s and platforms.
  • Have a conceptual understanding of and be conversant in a variety of disciplines; digital and technology, user research, analysis and SEO, user experience and design, and content.
  • Have a strong understanding of digital research practices in the marketplace, common approaches/standards, and opportunities for innovation.

Voice of the user and understanding their needs

  • Understand and champion the needs of the user where relevant within the bounds of research  
  • Empathise with the needs of users, colleagues and stakeholders to balance and prioritise competing needs effectively when required.
  • Continually assess data, research, and insight to help deliver better product. 
  • Manage the direction and approach of user research and are involved in analysis and review of that research.

Complexity/Problem Solving

  • Analytical and empathetic thinker with great problem-solving skills; focused on “getting things done”
  • Able to break down complex work into manageable chunks - able to manage a diverse workload
  • Ability to thrive in an environment that is characterised by significant diversity and constant change

Skills and experience

  • A user researcher with over 6+ years’ experience, across multiple channels (website, mobile, tablet, social) with knowledge of different industries and commercial models for digital products
  • Experience of delivering research deliverables to help define user need.
  • Experience of working with research tools to gather both qual and quant feedback –, Optimal Sort, data tools.
  • Experience of running user testing sessions and writing test scripts and follow up analysis. 
  • Experience of responsive design and working alongside UX/UI designers and engineers. 
  • Experience of working with cross-functional teams as part of the product development process
  • Experience of leading research projects/initiatives, demonstrated in the interview process
  • Experience of working towards outcomes, and helping facilitate that direction with stakeholders, using research techniques
  • Experience of full product development lifecycle, with both internal and external development teams.
  • Experience of working with content teams, and an understanding of their process.
  • Able to use analytics tools as the basis for evidence-based product changes, or at a minimum analyse findings of data.
  • Understanding of SEO techniques and how to apply them to inform research understanding and delivery practices.
  • Able to learn new skills and knowledge, picking up on technical and business challenges quickly
  • Excellent communications skills with the ability to present ideas verbally and in writing


Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science, or similar, in:

  • Psychology
  • Cognitive science
  • User Experience/Research
  • Marketing
  • Information science