Job description Posted 11 October 2021

Position: Associate Scientist

LOA: 1 Year

Location: Stevenage    



• Execute experiments based on established protocols.

• Identify issues in execution of experimental process and in results

• Accountable for experimental timelines

• Basic understanding of regulatory requirements

• Produce high quality data to enable R&D decision making.

• Work effectively and collaboratively.

• Interpretation of results/data and communication of conclusions to AD/QC team.

• Ensure data integrity and GMP Compliance ( while working in the QC)

• Maintenance of CGT laboratories, Laboratory equipment critical reagents and Laboratory stocks.

• Have awareness of, and comply with, all required safety regulations and procedures

(Preferred but not required)Technical expertise in:

• Mammalian cell culture(both primary and cell lines) and Biological assays.

• Cell isolation, characterization, manipulation and expansion.

• Virology

• Vectorology

• Molecular biology

• Computational biology / bioinformatics

• Immunoassay (i.e. ELISA)