Job description Posted 01 October 2021

Title: Business Change Manager

Location: Brentford

LOA: 5 Months

Pay Rate: £472.72Per Day Via Umbrella (PAYE option is available )


Job Purpose:


Play a key Change Leadership role to support implementation of a significant transformational programme for R&D. The primary focus will be creating and implementing change management plans that maximize employee engagement and manage natural organisational resistance.



  • Be a key contributor to business improvement projects, aligned with R&D strategy, to deliver measurable and sustained improvements
  • Provide change leadership across the lifecycle of projects
  • Accountable for developing and implementing actionable and targeted change mgmt plans for the R&D strategic enabler – including but not limited to change impact analyses, engagement & communication plans, change networks, change coaching plans, and resistance mgmt plans. Accountable for delivering engagement sessions and training sessions to support leaders and people through change.
  • Apply, propagate and embed appropriate methodologies and best practice for all change management and engagement activities undertaken
  • Apply a structured change management approach and methodology applying the Framework and supporting toolkit.
  • Work with Programme teams, Change Networks Managers, Tech and other internal and external groups as required to formulate specific change plans and activities to support project implementation.
  • Partner with other the project manager / team to integrate change management activities into overall project plans.
  • Ensure best practices are shared, lessons are learned, success stories are shared, etc.
  • Identify potential risks and anticipated points of resistance, and develop specific plans to mitigate or address concerns.
  • Conduct readiness assessments, evaluate results, and present findings in a logical and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Provide direct support and coaching to front-line managers and leaders as they help their direct reports through transitions.
  • Apply and manage methods to measure the success of the change (adoption, utilization, proficiency, etc.)
  • Liaise with R&D Communications to ensure that project ‘change’ messages are reflected in the overall R&D Communications Plan Create and enable reinforcement mechanisms and celebrations of success.
  • Enable the efficient and effective execution of R&D strategy, through driving delivery-to-plan of high-impact Pharma R&D projects
  • Contribute to the realisation and long-term sustainability of the benefits / improvements delivered, through effective engagement and alignment of impacted functions, communities and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle



Interpersonal Skills


Operate in cross-functional teams and needs to effectively interact with a broad range of people – from VP to the bench and with external partners.

Key capabilities include


  • Leadership & Team work
  • Lead, manage and coordinate team towards effective and successful delivery
  • Easily find value-adding, complementary role when jointly working on deliverables
  • Strengthen team by learning from others and facilitate learning by others
  • Be mindful and adaptable to team members needs and styles
  • Stakeholder management
  • Actively listen, interpret and playback objectives, deliverables and points of view
  • Proactively brief, syndicate and address concerns towards broad buy-in
  • Executive communication
  • Prepare and deliver succinct “top-down” messages
  • Craft story lines for work streams and contribute to compelling overall project stories
  • Communicate clearly through diverse media and techniques
  • Ownership
  • Have a “can do” attitude, helping organisation to deliver stretch goals
  • Ability to self-direct, flex between approaches and deal with ambiguity






  • Prior work in teams that facilitate and drive strategic decisions and/or business change with a track record of high achievement in this role
  • Experience in navigating decisions and/or execution through multiple parties in major, matrixed organisations
  • Experience / knowledge of business change mgt principles and methodologies

Practical experience working with change management approaches on a range of projects / programmes within the industry or other related services.


Preferred Experience


  • Consulting/advisory experience at senior management level (e.g., through strategy role or change initiatives in industry, or in a professional services organisation)
  • Industry R&D operational experience (i.e., a member of drug project or platform teams)

Change Management certification e.g. PROSCI certification


Basic Education:


Bachelors degree in science, business or finance


Preferred Education


Science PhD, and/or MBA

Strategy development and change management courses/trainings