Job description Posted 12 July 2021

Company Secretariat Assistant

GSK House, Brentford (initially remote working)

6 Month Contract

Pay: up to £16/h (PAYE ONLY)




  • To work with the Senior Company Secretariat Assistant to manage Corporate Secretariat’s relationships with GSK’s subsidiary companies around the world with a view to ensuring that appropriate corporate approvals are sought in advance of any local events and transactions and that Corporate Secretariat is provided with accurate and sufficiently detailed information to enable them to update and manage each company’s details on the Group’s global corporate information database referred to as the GSK Entity Manager (Diligent).

  • To maintain the legal statutory registers for the Group’s UK incorporated or registered subsidiary companies totalling approximately 120 companies. 

  • To log and arrange legal execution of documentation for the Group’s UK incorporated or registered subsidiary companies of which there are approximately 80. 

  • To assist other members of Corporate Secretariat, in ad hoc projects as required.

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintain the legal statutory registers for GSK plc and all GSK’s UK subsidiaries (there are approximately 80 such companies) using a software package called Diligent.  This also involves the production of legal documents, drafting Board minutes and the completion of forms for filing with Companies House, UK and the overseas equivalents in Scotland, the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, Guernsey, and Eire, each of which has separate local legal requirements with which the Company Secretarial Assistant needs to understand and comply with. Obtain the appropriate level of signature for each document and form, and file with the payment of the appropriate fee. 

  • To work with the Senior Company Secretariat Assistant to manage the Diligent Corporate database requirements of the Group’s non-UK based global subsidiaries of which there are over 340. This requires the post holder to liaise with designated contacts worldwide, as nominated by the local Finance Director at each overseas subsidiary to ensure that the local company to ensure that any event, transaction, change to the corporate record that has been undertaken is properly notified to Corporate Secretariat to enable the Group’s Global Corporate Database to be updated to maintain an accurate picture of the Group’s structure and operations. This information is provided to all Corporate functions as a reliable and accurate source of data for various regulatory and public filings. The following departments rely on the accuracy of this information: Tax, Finance, Treasury, Regulatory, Economic and Trading Arrangements, Litigation, IP and other parts of Legal. The relationship built up between the Company Secretarial Assistant and the local contact, who may not be an English speaker or legally qualified, is very important to ensure that this process operates efficiently and effectively.  

  • Maintain the Global Corporate Database (“GCD”) for the Group. Produce reports and data as required by other Corporate functions including Finance, Tax and Treasury. If information is inaccurate this would have a detrimental effect on any corporate transaction that is being undertaken.  The Corporate Secretarial Assistant is therefore responsible for confirming to the Assistant Secretary – Group Operations that data validation has been completed by the designated local contact on a quarterly basis. The local designated contacts are however responsible for providing accurate data. The Company Secretarial Assistant requires a high level of awareness as to corporate projects which could impact the subsidiaries and for ensuring that the right questions are asked and events are followed up proactively to ensure that the GCD is as accurate as possible at all times. The local designated contacts are required to inform Corporate Secretariat of changes to the subsidiaries for which they are responsible within five business days and the Company Secretarial Assistant is required to process the change on to GCD within five business days

  • To assist in the maintenance, preparation, production and distribution of a Global Group wall chart, on a monthly basis, showing the ownership structure of the Groups’ 420 ( subsidiaries and  30 branch offices.  This involves liaison with the Group’s Tax Department and with nominated local contacts to ensure that the structure chart accurate reflects any changes to the Group structure which have been undertaken during the quarter. The wall chart may be made available to the UK Inland Revenue as well as being available around the Group globally for various purposes. 

  • To operate the document execution process as required including the logging of information, the preparation of documentation for execution, updating of the relevant tracking and control systems liasing with internal and external parties to ensure compliance with recommended guideline pertaining to the document execution process.

  • To maintain a register of Powers of Attorney executed on behalf of UK subsidiary companies

  • Prepare statutory confirmation statements for the Group’s UK incorporated subsidiaries to ensure that all confirmation statements are prepared, checked and filed with the appropriate fee without GSK incurring any fines for filing late.

  • Work with the Secretariat Systems Specialist to maintain the accuracy of the material held on the Diligent database and promote system improvements and efficiencies to ensure timely and cost effective maintenance of all statutory record and continued compliance with legal obligations. 

Qualifications/skills required:


  • Some Company Secretarial experience or equivalent preferred
  • Some experience of working with Company Secretarial Software
  • Some relevant experience required 
  • Knowledge of company secretarial procedures
  • Good organizational and administrative skills
  • Computer literate
  • Ability to work unsupervised
  • Ability to communicate at all levels
  • Team player