Job description Posted 09 July 2021

Pharmacovigilance Separation Project Support


As part of the Future Ready Program, GSK is preparing to separate the Consumer Health (CH)

Business from its Biopharma organisation forming into 2 separate companies in July 2022, as New GSK and New Consumer Health Company (yet to be named). The Pharmacovigilance Function has previously operated mainly at enterprise level with some activities being done by specific Consumer Health Safety staff. The PV Separation Project aims to disentangle all CH PV activities from the

Biopharma PV team with the goal to stand up an independent CH PV Safety Organisation by July 2022. This includes formation of a new Central PV organisation as well as country and regional organisation.


There is an opportunity for a 12-month contract (with possible extension) to join the PV Separation team to support this complex project. Responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

•       To assist PV Separation workstreams in preparations for CH New Company (NewCo) Day 1 & future for separate PV organisation.

•       To lead & manage defined PV separation activities as required.

•       To support the collection and tracking of PV requirements for individual markets

•       Manage queries to/from, or follow up information with Local Operating Companies (LOCs) regarding separation activities interacting with other functions (e.g. Consumer Relations, medical information, MAPs) as required.  – What o

•       To support selection of vendors as needed by preparing and documenting interaction and discussion with vendors providing PV services

•       To support the handover of PV from markets (Pharma teams) to Vendors and CH PV resources

•       To support the preparation of PV agreements and Vendor oversight plans once a Vendor/PV service provider has been selected

•       To track activities for PV separation project Country workstream as needed

To support with different PV Operational activities, including, but not limited to, end to end case management

Required Skills and Qualification

➢ Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in life sciences.

➢ Successful working within cross-functional teams and multiple stakeholders

➢ PV experience preferred

➢ Ability to prioritize and multitask

➢ Agile with comfortable working in fast paced environment

Strong verbal and written communication skills