Job description Posted 08 July 2021

Medical Advisor - GSK

£170 - £174 per hour via Umbrella


12 months

Job Purpose

Through in-field scientific engagement with healthcare providers and external experts, the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) fosters a more educated healthcare environment by:


1.    Communicating their deep knowledge of GSK data in the context of overall patient care to ensure evidence based understanding of the science behind GSK medicines and vaccines

2.    Gathering valuable insights on GSK products and services, and on medical and scientific information to better understand patient needs and evidence gaps


Key Responsibilities


•      Engage in one to one scientific dialogue with external experts around GSK’s medicines and vaccines, enabling them to confidently discuss our portfolio with patients and the wider medical community and ensuring they are knowledgeable in identifying the right patient for the most appropriate medicines and vaccines.

•      Act as an expert speaker at promotional and scientific events to disseminate information to larger groups of healthcare providers, which stimulating clinical dialogue to gain different views and perspectives

•      Respond to unsolicited requests for Medical Information from healthcare providers in a fair, factual, balanced, and scientifically rigorous manner via the appropriate and preferred channel.

•      Act as the interface between the professional healthcare community and the internal GSK medical team and its affiliates to bring in value-added insights that inform GSK Medical, Commercial, and Research & Development activities.

•      Foster a collaborative working relationship with Medical Representatives and Commercial colleagues.

•      Partner with matrix colleagues (e.g. sales, marketing, market access, etc.) to ensure strategies and business plans are both patient and business focused, and adding value to the external expert

•      Disseminate important safety information to healthcare professionals as and when this emerges.

•      Support GSK study teams with the provision of scientific education and enquiry management from investigators and staff engaged in GSK-supported clinical trials e.g. Investigator-Sponsored Studies (ISS).

•      Provide scientific education training for business partners such as the Medical Representatives by being the local scientific expert for a medicine / vaccine or group of medicines / vaccines in a therapy area.

•      Maintain a level of expertise in the evolving scientific / therapeutic area and in competitor medicines and vaccines.

•      Attend scientific meetings and congresses to keep abreast of the evolving science in a therapy area and to confidently debate and discuss the science with external experts as presented at the meeting.

•      Fully understand and comply with GSK standards and policies and with local codes of practice, guidelines and laws to ensure the strictest requirements are met.


Key Experience / Qualification


·        Higher degree in life sciences: PhD, MSc or equivalent

·        Other professional healthcare provision qualification with experience (e.g. nurse practitioner, physician, surgeon, physiotherapist or pharmacist)

·        Significant pharmaceutical industry experience in a role successfully engaging in scientific exchange with external experts

·        Effective communication skills and ability to tailor information to different audiences appropriately.

·        Ability to translates complex science into simple messages.

·        Ability to communicate through multiple channels e.g. webinars.

·        Solid grounding in clinical, medical and pharmaceutical science with the ability to rapidly assimilate specific and detailed knowledge in these areas.

·        An understanding of clinical development, and statistical design and analysis.

·        Effective networking and collaboration skills to achieve business results.

·        Strong business mindset and ability to balance cross-functional objectives.

·        A sense of curiosity and a passion for continuous learning and development.